3 Cross Tattoo Designs: Symbols of Sacrifice

Choosing a tattoo with three crosses is a deeply meaningful way to express your faith, as it embodies the pivotal event of Jesus Christ’s crucifixion, a cornerstone of Christian belief.

The crucifixion of Jesus Christ is a central event in history, representing the moment when Jesus suffered and died on the cross to atone for humanity’s sins. This event is described in all four Gospels of the New Testament: Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.

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What is the Meaning of the 3 Cross Tattoo?

The crucifixion of Jesus occurred outside Jerusalem on a hill called Golgotha (meaning “the place of the skull”). After being tried and sentenced to death, Jesus was forced to carry his own cross to the site of his execution. There, Roman soldiers nailed him to the cross, alongside two criminals. This is the reason there were 3 crosses.

In this article, I will explore several different 3 cross tattoo design examples that may inspire your next tattoo.

The Christian Faith and Cross Tattoos

For believers, cross tattoos represent a deep connection to the Christian faith and its beliefs. The cross tattoo serves as a visual representation of the ultimate sacrifice made by Jesus Christ.

Tattoos are an outward, artistic symbol. The intricate details of a tattoo design such as the shape of the cross, the color, or additional elements, help deepen the meaning and evoke a powerful symbol.

My tattoo artist sent me a video of a recent 3 cross and Lion tattoo that he did for a client. The tattoo artist, Ant Whitaker is a Marine vet and does excellent work in Conroe, Texas. You can view his work on the Ant_Whitaker_Tattoos Instagram.

For believers, cross tattoos act as a reminder of the essential tenets of the Christian religion and help them display the outward symbol of their inward faith in the one true God.

The Christian faith and cross tattoos go hand in hand, as the tattoo itself holds significant spiritual significance. It can symbolize the pathway to eternal life after death and can serve as a visible expression of one’s faith. It is not only a decoration, but it is a crucial aspect of one’s overall identity and belief system.

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3 Cross Tattoo Stencil

We’ve created a stencil of the 3 Cross tattoos in this post which is 2000×2000 px and 300 DPI resolution PNG. Right click and “save image as” to download the stencil below:

Different Designs and Placements of 3 Cross Tattoos

3 cross tattoos offer a wide variety of design options, from simple to intricate designs, that can be incorporated to create a tattoo that is unique and meaningful to the individual. One popular design option is a detailed design that showcases intricate patterns and imagery alongside the crosses. This creates a visually stunning design.

The placement of a 3 cross tattoo is also a crucial aspect that affects the overall aesthetic appeal and meaning. For instance, a cross neck tattoo and a cross forearm tattoo are both placements that show off the design and make a statement. Other placements, such as the chest or back, are also popular options for individuals seeking a more discreet placement.

3 Cross neck tattoo3 Cross forearm tattoo
Design OptionPlacement
Intricate patterns and imagery with the crossesAnywhere (depends on design size and complexity)
Single-inked traditional cross with simple outlinesForearm or wrist
Cross necklaces draped over the back of the neckBack of the neck
Celtic or tribal-inspired cross designsUpper arm, shoulder, chest
Three-dimensional cross designBack or chest

Ultimately, finding the perfect design and placement depends on your personal preference and style. For those seeking more inspiration, a tattoo artist can provide guidance on the best design and placement options.

Symbolism and Spiritual Significance of 3 Cross Tattoos

3 cross tattoos are more than just a beautiful design – they hold a spiritual significance that has been revered for centuries. The cross itself is a powerful symbol in the Christian faith, representing the ultimate sacrifice made by Jesus Christ to offer eternal life to believers.

As Jesus hung on the cross, he endured mockery from some of the onlookers and one of the criminals crucified with him, while the other criminal asked Jesus to remember him in his kingdom. Jesus uttered several statements from the cross, including a declaration of forgiveness, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing“, and a statement of completion, “It is finished” before he died.

The crucifixion is remembered by Christians as the ultimate sacrifice for the sins of humanity, demonstrating God’s love by sending his only Son to suffer and die. This event is central to Christian faith, symbolizing Jesus’ victory over sin and death, and his resurrection three days later is celebrated as the assurance of eternal life for believers.

Those who wear a 3 cross tattoo often see it as a significant symbol of their faith. It reminds them of the spiritual journey they are on and can serve as a source of inspiration in daily life. Through the use of detailed design, intricate images, and personalized elements, a 3 cross tattoo can act as a powerful visual representation of one’s beliefs and an eternal symbol of hope and eternal salvation.

Adding Additional Elements to 3 Cross Tattoo Designs

Enhancing a 3 cross tattoo design with additional elements can create a more personalized and profound tattoo. Bible verses, quotes, or text can be added to the design, creating a more in-depth representation of one’s spiritual journey. Additional imagery, such as the Holy Spirit or doves, can give the tattoo a symbolic meaning.

It’s essential to choose the right elements for your 3 cross tattoo design carefully. The design should feel complete and cohesive, not become too cluttered or confused. The additional elements should add to the overall meaning and aesthetic appeal of the tattoo.

3 cross tattoo doves3 cross lion tattoo

Some individuals choose to incorporate a cross scene into their 3 cross tattoo design, such as a hill or a sunset, while others prefer to keep it simple with only the crosses. A lion can be added to the design, creating a powerful visual representing God looking down at His Son on the Cross.

Additional ElementMeaning
Bible VersesAdding bible verses to a 3 cross tattoo design can create a more profound representation of one’s faith and belief system. The verses can act as a reminder of specific beliefs and serve as inspiration for the future.
Holy SpiritThe Holy Spirit can be added to the 3 cross tattoo design, representing the presence of God and the idea of unity among believers.
DovesDoves can be added to the design, representing peace, hope, and purity – values synonymous to the Christian faith.
Lion Imagelion can be added to the design, creating a powerful visual representing God looking down at His Son on the Cross.
Cross SceneAn cross scene, such as a hill or a sunset, can be added to the design, creating a more meaningful and personalized tattoo. The scene can represent the individual’s journey and remind them of the critical moments in their life.

Overall, the option of adding additional elements to a 3 cross tattoo design allows individuals to incorporate their personal style and interpretation into the tattoo. Whether it be a simple cross or an intricate design, including additional elements can create a more profound and meaningful 3 cross tattoo.

3 cross back tattoo

There are several popular designs and placements for 3 cross tattoos that individuals can consider when getting inked. One of the most popular designs is the simple, yet elegant, three consecutive crosses. This design is often placed on the inner wrist, forearm, or ankle and serves as a constant reminder of one’s faith.

3 cross leg tattoo3 cross crucifixion tattoo
3 cross hand tattoo3 cross tattoo

Another popular design is the full crucifixion scene that features three crosses in the background. This intricate design can be placed on the upper arm, back, or chest and represents the ultimate sacrifice made by Jesus Christ for the redemption of humanity.

These tattoos look great in a smaller or larger version, depending on personal preference and desired impact. Regardless of the design and placement chosen, a 3 cross tattoo remains a timeless and popular tattoo design that holds significant meaning and symbolism.

Temporary 3 Cross Tattoos and Tattoo Enthusiasts

For those who love the idea of a 3 cross tattoo but are reluctant to commit to permanent ink, temporary 3 cross tattoos are an excellent alternative. These tattoos can be a perfect option for tattoo enthusiasts who want to experiment with different designs and placements before getting a permanent tattoo. A temporary 3 cross tattoo can serve as a stepping stone in your tattoo journey and can also be an excellent way to show your love for God and the Christian faith.

When considering a temporary 3 cross tattoo, it’s essential to find a skilled tattoo artist to ensure a high-quality design. Do your research and check the artist’s portfolio to ensure they have experience with temporary tattoos and providing a design that meets your expectations.

The temporary tattoo trend is becoming increasingly popular among tattoo enthusiasts who appreciate that they can experience the beauty of a 3 cross tattoo without the long-term commitment. Many online shops and tattoo parlors offer temporary tattoo designs, including 3 cross tattoos, and they come in various shapes and sizes.

Final Thoughts

3 cross tattoos are a powerful symbol that represents eternal life and the ultimate sacrifice. They serve as a reminder of Jesus Christ and the central tenets of the Christian religion. By incorporating your personal style and interpretation, a 3 cross tattoo can represent the power of the Gospel.

In closing, John 19:17-19 says, “And he bearing his cross went forth into a place called the place of a skull, which is called in the Hebrew Golgotha: Where they crucified him, and two other with him, on either side one, and Jesus in the midst. And Pilate wrote a title, and put it on the cross. And the writing was, JESUS OF NAZARETH THE KING OF THE JEWS.”

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