55 Bible Locations (today) with Interactive Map

These 55 Bible locations are significant throughout Scripture, representing the movement of people, the sites of important events, and the centers of political and religious power throughout the Biblical period. The modern locations can sometimes cover a broader area than the specific biblical site, especially for regions like Moab and Edom, which were kingdoms in the Biblical period.

From the birthplace of Jesus in Bethlehem to Patmos, where John received visions found in the book of Revelation, these are some of the most mentioned of the many geographic locations throughout scripture.

Bible Location NameToday’s LocationVerse Reference
JerusalemJerusalem, Israel1 Kings 11:36
BethlehemBethlehem, West BankMicah 5:2
NazarethNazareth, IsraelLuke 1:26
JerichoJericho, West BankJoshua 6:1
DamascusDamascus, SyriaActs 9:2
AntiochAntakya, TurkeyActs 11:26
EphesusSelçuk, TurkeyActs 18:19
CorinthCorinth, GreeceActs 18:1
PhilippiNear Filippoi, GreeceActs 16:12
CapernaumNear Kfar Nahum, IsraelMark 1:21
Mount SinaiPossibly Jabal Musa, EgyptExodus 19:11
NinevehNear Mosul, IraqJonah 1:2
BabylonNear Hillah, IraqDaniel 1:1
PatmosPatmos, GreeceRevelation 1:9
GethsemaneJerusalem, IsraelMatthew 26:36
GalileeNorthern IsraelMatthew 4:18
SamariaNear Nablus, West BankJohn 4:4
BethanyNear Jerusalem, West BankJohn 11:1
AiNear Bethel, West BankJoshua 7:2
MoabCentral JordanRuth 1:1
EdomSouthern JordanGenesis 36:1
TyreTyre, LebanonEzekiel 26:4
SidonSidon, LebanonMark 3:8
HebronHebron, West BankGenesis 13:18
SinaiSinai Peninsula, EgyptExodus 19:1
JoppaJaffa, Tel Aviv, IsraelJonah 1:3
TarsusTarsus, TurkeyActs 9:11
CaesareaCaesarea, IsraelActs 10:1
ThessalonicaThessaloniki, GreeceActs 17:1
ColossaeNear Denizli, TurkeyColossians 1:2
CreteCrete, GreeceTitus 1:5
CyreneShahhat, LibyaActs 2:10
MacedoniaNorthern GreeceActs 16:9
PergamumBergama, TurkeyRevelation 2:12
SmyrnaIzmir, TurkeyRevelation 2:8
BethelNear Al-Bireh, West BankGenesis 12:8
GilgalNear Jericho, West BankJoshua 4:19
GomorrahNear the Dead SeaGenesis 19:24
SodomNear the Dead SeaGenesis 19:1
EmmausNear Latrun, IsraelLuke 24:13
TarshishPossibly Tartessos, SpainJonah 1:3
LaodiceaNear Denizli, TurkeyRevelation 3:14
DerbeNear Karaman, TurkeyActs 14:6
LystraNear Hatunsaray, TurkeyActs 14:8
IconiumKonya, TurkeyActs 14:1
Mt. CarmelNear Haifa, Israel1 Kings 18:20
Mt. NeboNear Madaba, JordanDeuteronomy 34:1
Mt. of OlivesJerusalem, IsraelActs 1:12
Mt. TaborLower Galilee, IsraelJudges 4:6
Mt. ZionJerusalem, IsraelPsalms 48:2
ShechemNablus, West BankGenesis 12:6
ShilohNear Nablus, West BankJoshua 18:1
SusaShush, IranEsther 1:2
UrTell el-Muqayyar, IraqGenesis 11:31
ZoarNear the Dead SeaGenesis 19:22