Kingdom Builders Nicaragua Team

We are partnered with Wings of Promise (a 100% volunteer organization) to help build churches, evangelize, feed, train, and serve communities in Nicaragua. We were able to visit the work that Wings of Promise has been doing there, and it was a life-changing trip. There are 13 churches in the Fraternidad de Iglesias Ebenezer de Nicaragua. One of the churches we visited was in the jungles of Nicaragua where some people walk up to 8 miles to hear the gospel preached there. There’s no electricity and no water, but people come from miles away, and the Pastor is active in the community, sharing the gospel and checking on the people.

To help Wings of Promise build the Kingdom in Nicaragua, we are offering a limited number of Kingdom Builders Team Nicaragua sponsorships. For $30/month each team member gets a free t-shirt, listing on this page, exclusive photos and video content from Pastors and the community in Nicaragua, and more. Your team membership will help Wings of Promise to continue building and growing the Kingdom in Nicaragua. To join the Kingdom Builders Nicaragua Team, click the join now button below:

Team Nicaragua | Skipper Sauls is the President of Wings of Promise. Skipper has a 15 year relationship with a Pastor family in Nicaragua and has been actively building and growing the Kingdom, evangelizing, feeding the community, and more in the country of Nicaragua. | Bryan E. Robinson is the founder of, and the Vice President of Wings of Promise. Bryan was able to make his first trip to Nicaragua in November 2023, meeting pastors from 13 churches and many people in the community. This is the first of his many trips to Nicaragua.

Discerning Dad | Tim Ferrara has grown up in the church and has held various leadership positions both in business and in the church.  Tim is currently the Executive Pastor at LifePoint Church in Arizona.  He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing from Arizona State University along with a MBA from University of Phoenix.