Scriptures.blog is a repository of scriptures for seekers of spiritual wisdom and guidance. We’ve categorized scriptures topically to help you quickly find the verses you need for comfort, teaching, sharing, and more.

Our Authors

Bryan E. Robinson

Bryan E. Robinson is a U.S. Army veteran and founder of Scriptures.blog and 316Tees.com. Bryan is a spiritual warrior whose goal is to get God’s Word in front of as many people as possible through digital channels.

Brad Bartlett

Brad Bartlett is an experienced professional copywriter and author with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications & Journalism and a Master of Divinity from Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Our Goals

The goal of Scriptures.blog is to present God’s word in a way that will position it in front of people that are becoming busier and more distracted than ever. People who are dealing with daily issues of life are seeking answers in search engines and Bible apps. They are looking for scriptures that address depression, anxiety, faith, strength, salvation, and more. We want to make these scriptures easy to find, and easy to share.

Scriptures.blog is not meant to replace a daily devotion in God’s Word. But we realize the reality that there are many non-believers and new believers who are looking for answers, but aren’t engaging in the Word on a daily basis.

Our Purpose

This website was created with the purpose of raising funds for missions. We will be showing display ads and recommendations for places to buy Bible study devotionals, Christian merch, and more. We will be donating the majority of all proceeds from Scriptures.blog to Christian missions like Wings of Promise, One Kingdom, and more.

Biblical History

We will also present and share many of the artifacts that prove the historicity of the Bible. One of my favorite, the Dead Sea Scrolls, contains all 66 chapters of the Book of Isaiah. The age of the “Isaiah Scroll” is approximately 125 BC.

Bible Translations

While there are many translations of the Bible, most of the scriptures at Scriptures.blog are from the English Standard Version translation. I grew up learning the King James Version. I still use King James, NKJV, NASB, and ESV as my own translations to help my personal study in God’s word.

Where to Start

Many people believe the Bible is overwhelming to read. For new believers, or non-believers, I would say that is often true. When someone asks me where to begin studying the Bible for the very first time, I send them to the Gospel of John. John is one of the most personal books about the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. This is a great place to start.

Once we begin to study the Bible as a whole, it’s clear that everything points to Jesus. I agree with those who say it is the “True Story of Jesus”.

I hope you enjoy Scriptures.blog.

Bryan E. Robinson